Going barefoot

Bare feet: my story

Various legal battles (condensed version)

My feet vs. shoes

Barefoot evidence

The "choice" to go barefoot

Forcing people to wear shoes is abusive

Barefoot Survey 2013

Barefoot Survey 2014



These pages are not legal documents. They are not intended to be legal documents.

The main purpose of these pages is to make the idea of going barefoot more accessible to people, especially people like me who have been forced to suffer needlessly in shoes, and who may not realize that there is another option, and also to make people more aware of the needless barriers to going barefoot, in the hopes of effecting change.

It's also a stress reliever for me, an attempt to be more proactive in dealing with these issues, an attempt to have some fun in the middle of all of it.

Some pages have had their links removed. The pages are still there, and will stay there as long as I am with my current web host.